Friday, August 10, 2007

Canada welcomes the C-17

The Canadian Air Force will receive this weekend the first of four strategic lift aircraft-the C-17 Globemaster III.

This is a special occasion for the Canadian Air Force for the following reasons:

  • The men and women of our armed forces who are deployed in dangerous peace keeping operations worldwide deserve the best equipment and logistics support we can afford, and they need them now.

  • Canada needs its own airlift capability to provide quick humanitarian relief and piece keeping operations anywhere in the world when needed.

The C-17 was competing against the EADS A400M. The C-17 was a good choice for Canada because:

  • The C-17 is a proven airlifter and Canada can leverage that experience immediately.

  • EADS revealed last week that the A400M's first flight has been delayed until "the summer of 2008", and that "the consequence on deliveries and cost is under assessment".

  • Finally, I must confess that I've always been in love with the C-17 for its design and record breaking capabilities.

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