Friday, January 4, 2008

On our Radar in 2008

First, Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a Peaceful 2008!

Since this is my first blog this year, I will talk about what will be on our radar screen. The Java EE platform with JSF and the open source frameworks Spring and Hibernate will continue to be our preferred development platform for robust enterprise applications (ERP, portals and CMS). We like the ability to leverage third party AJAX-enabled JSF component libraries such as ICEFaces and Apache MyFaces to quickly create rich internet applications (RIA). JSF also allows us to target both the mobile and web delivery platforms simultaneously through the use of render kits. Spring brings sanity and simplicity into the development of complex Java EE applications and Hibernate allows us to develop database agnostic applications among other benefits.

Although we still believe Java EE is the way to go for complex enterprise applications, we will learn and embrace Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex this year. Feel free to recommend your favorite books on these topics.

We'll continue to make innovative uses of ATOM syndication, AtomPub, FeedSync, and OpenSearch to solve our customers problems.

A new version of our favorite XML database (Exist) will be released soon and will improve performance significantly. Exist already has some support for AtomPub. Declarative programming using a combination of XForms, ISO Schematron, XSLT 2.0, XQuery, and Exist's RESTful API will deliver great value for those who are willing to experiment.

Finally on the Web 2.0 front, we'll be exploring the intersection of content management with social computing, mashups, user-generated content, and rich internet applications (RIA).

We look forward to another collaborative and productive year.


matt said...

Sounds like a busy year ahead! :-)

Do you have to meet any workflow requirements? And, if so, what technologies are you considering for that? Will you just use Spring and code the business workflows? Have you considered anything like BPMN/BPEL for back-end workflows?

We're currently evaluating Intalio, which is commercial though based on open-source products. I'm interested in other approaches to solving the workflow problem.

Vidjinnagni Amoussou said...

For workflow, we integrate JBoss jBPM.

Joel Amoussou

R.Q. Chen said...

Hi Joel,

You may want to take a look at "Flexible Rails - Flex 3 on Rails 2" by Peter Armstrong which reads as an extensive tutorial on iteratively building a RIA using Flex and Rails together.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joel,

You must be busy these years. You still focus on XML and related data management technology. May be you can switch to the way how data is integrated and analyzed.

simon li